The company’s activity is aimed at supporting the creation and implementation of investment projects, Investors Architectural Offices, by solving problems in the installation object. We offer a wide range of services in the design and project management for buildings in terms of sanitary, electrical, telecommunication and automation. The center of gravity of the activity is determined by the customer. By You. Workshop leads you through the entire investment process. We:

  • assist in developing of program assumptions and creating the idea of building installation,
  • consult concepts,
  • prepare the project, actively participating in the process of formal and legal terms,
  • conduct author supervision and investor supervision for construction site
  • offer help during the exploitation of the realized investments
  • assist in preparation for the environmental certification of LEED and BREEAM



Design and implementation of power engineering investments Wiesław Janura

The company’s activity ,through the design of the power network 0.4kV / Sn / 110kV and road lighting, is aimed at supporting Power Plant’s investments and public-private Investors.

We make the following types of projects:

  • Multi-discipline projects 110kV /SN-transformer stations
  • Modernization projects of the 110kV / SN-transformer station
  • 110 kV primal circuit projects
  • Secondary circuit projects based on the licensed programs “EPLAN”
  • Projects of cable and overhead 0.4 kV / MV / 110kV networks
  • Network projects for wind and photovoltaic farms
  • Street lighting projects



Office building on Bobrowiecka street

Location: Bobrowiecka Street in Warsaw

Project scope/branch: projects of electrical teletechnical installations and automatics, construction design, tender, executive design

Date of implementation: 2014 - 2017

Architects:: JEMS Architekci

Investor: Castor Park

Area: ca. 44 660m2

About us

Janura office was established in 1997 when the owner of Wieslaw Janura decided to create the company: ,,Janura design and implementation of energy investments” based in Rawicz. Company makes projects in the electrical and sanitary industry.

Due to the dynamic growth in the 2013 activity of office was split into 2 areas and was established Janura ltd. Projects Installations with headquarters in Wroclaw involved in designing a comprehensive system for enclosed structures. Existing business was limited to project power grids.

We operate on the basis of three offices in Wrocław, Poznań and Rawicz and employ over 60 people with the highest education: specialist designers and assistants designers. Wroclaw office reconditioned 2014 is the center of our activity.

We executed projects in foreign markets in Europe and Asia. Janura office made projects in Germany, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, United Kingdom, Hungary, Qatar and People’s Republic of China.

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Wiesław Janura Karolina IgielskaKarolina Igielska Mariusz KubiakMariusz Kubiak



stanowisko: CEO of the Management Board

+48 602 523 710




stanowisko: Proxy - Chief accountant

+48 655 465 253




stanowisko: Vice-President of the Management Board

+48 501 585 349



There are currently no vacancies available.




Headquarter: Wrocław, ul. Obornicka 84A, 51-114 Wrocław NIP: 895-202-09-13, Regon: 022123346


Design and implementation of power engineering investments Wiesław Janura

Headquarter: Masłowo, ul. Bociania 8, 63-900 Rawicz NIP: 699-118-33-34, Regon: 410343671

Office inWrocław

St. Obornicka 84A 51-114 Wrocław

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